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What is the Tangelo Reporting Channel?

The Tangelo Reporting Channel is the way for you to propose improvements or report violations of our Code of Ethics and Conduct in a confidential, anonymous, secure, cost-free and user-friendly manner. The system is operated by EthicsGlobal, experts in whistleblower management.

EthicsGlobal, as an independent company, guarantees confidentiality and anonymity to all the reports. Tangelo assures all collaborators, suppliers and clients that the investigation and resolution process will be carried out with total transparency and objectivity.

The integrity of an organization has a direct impact on its reputation and success. If you have questions about what the right thing is to do, or if someone is not acting in accordance with Tangelo, Ethics Code and Conduct, you have the responsibility to speak up; and your right is to have methods to file a safe, easy, confidential and anonymous report.

You can use Tangelo Reporting Channel to report.

According with our Ethics Code and Conduct, each case will be investigated, so it can be handled properly.

Tangelo expects all Employees, Suppliers and Clients follow our Ethics Code and Conduct, according with the company's standards and policies, laws, rules and regulations of all the countries where we operate.

Our responsibility

  • Provide tools and channels for receiving questions, proposals and reports in an easy, secure, confidential and anonymous way without the fear of any repercussion or retaliation.
  • Investigating, resolving and, if necessary, sanctioning the reports received

Your responsibility

  • If you were affected, are a witness or have knowledge of inappropriate conduct, report it so you don´t become an accomplice
  • Use the reporting channels provided by Tangelo
  • Follow up the reports to know the status and corrective measures of the investigation, and if it’s necessary, add more information or evidence

Report Channels

Select for you the best channel to report

Web Assistant

The complainant should try to have the most important information before filing a complaint, in order to answer the questions: Who? When? Where? How?

The complainant will fill out a form and the Dynamic Web Assistant will ask questions according to the information provided. They will have the option to add name and position of the people involved, attach evidence, write details of the report, classify it and add relevant information to make an appropriate investigation.

When the report is complete, the system will give you a tracking number, which very important to keep so you can make a follow up.


The complainant should try to have the most important information before filing a complaint, in order to answer the questions: Who? When? Where? How?

The complainant must send the information, with evidence if they have it, through their personal email or creating an anonymous account.

In less than 24 hours you will receive a tracking folio number in the chosen e-mail.


Toll free number:

  • Mexico: 800-04-38422
  • Colombia: 01-800-518-9191


By using the tracking code provided when submitting their report, the individual can at any time call the hotline, or enter this page in the follow up field to follow up on their report:


Resolution and corrective measures

Adding new information

Adding a repeated occurrence to the complaint

Submit evidence